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We Live in Public [Timoner, 2009]

We Live in Public

This documentary explores privacy in the age of the internet and the integration of technology into society and its effects on personal identity and chronicles a decade in the life of internet pioneer Josh Harris. It looks at his “” site, a bizarre experimental project in which he set up cameras everywhere around his apartment and broadcasted he and his girlfriend’s every move live 24/7 on the internet.

As if that wasn’t enough bizarre social experimentation, the film also documents his “art” project, “Quiet: We Live in Public” in which he housed 100 (volunteer) artist-bohemian-exhibitionist-type folks in a human terranium underneath NYC with cameras capturing their every move.

Needless to say, both “experiments” proved detrimental and personally destructive to Harris, his then-girlfriend, and the 100 “art project” participants.

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