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Witness to Jonestown [2008]

Witness to Jonestown

This made for TV documentary by MSNBC takes us back to the mass tragedy at Jonestown in November of 1978. The mass suicide was orchestrated by People’s Temple leader Reverend Jim Jones and killed 913 people through ingesting cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.

The People’s Temple was a cult disguised as a church started by Jim Jones, a charismatic leader with close political ties in San Francisco. One of the biggest questions people have since the terrible tragedy has been, “how did it even happen in the first place? How did people believe a word this wacko says?”

While the majority of Jones’ followers were poor black people, many of The People’s Temple members were well-educated and prominent members of San Franciscan society. Cults thrive through brainwashing and other mind-numbing psychological techniques, and Jim Jones used these tools of depersonalization to the extreme.

This film is currently streaming on Netflix!

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